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Top Most Trending searched in Google 2016 Results


Google was founded & first introduce by “Sergey Brin” & “Larry Page” while they were Ph.D. students at “Stanford University”. Together they have their own about 14% of its shares but control 56% of the stockholders voting power through supervoting stock. On “04 September 1998” they incorporated the Google as a privately held company .


CEO(Chief Executive Officer) of Google Inc is “Sundar Pichai” From 02 Oct 2015–Present. He is also Known by Pichai Sundararajan. He is an Indian American business executive.

As you know that the “Google” is the top search engine in the world wide. Recently Google just released out its top most trending searches list for 2016 Year, & the results won’t surprise you at all. As we provide you gadget,technology,ITs news etc. So here the list below you can know who is in the First position of “Consumer Tech” Category in Detail. We provide Global top searches as well as INDIA top searches as shown below.
But this time not only stop with Tech or Gadget, we also provide you all categories of top most trending searches in 2016.Let Check it out the results by the top search engine “Google”. See below first Global and second INDIA search below

See Below what was trending in 2016 Category wise(Global): ‎

Top Searched Global & India

1.Google Top “Searches” (Global Search):-

1) Pokémon Go , 2) iPhone 7, 3) Donald Trump , 4) Prince, 5) Power ball. 6) David Bowie, 7) Deadpool, 8) Olympics, 9), 10) Suicide Squad.

2.Google Top “Global News”(Global Search):-

1) US Election, 2) Olympics, 3) Brexit, 4) Orlando Shooting, 5) Zika Virus , 6) Panama Papers, 7) Nice, 8) Brussels , 9) Dallas Shooting, 10) 熊本 地震 ( Kumamoto Earthquake)

3.Google Top “People” (Global Search):-

1) Donald Trump, 2) Hillary Clinton, 3) Michael Phelps, 4) M.Trump, 5)Bernie Sanders. 6) Simone Biles, 7) Steven Avery, 8) Céline, 9)Tom Hiddleston , 10) Ryan Lochte.

4.Top “Consumer Tech ” (Global Search):-

1) iPhone 7, 2) Freedom 251, 3) iPhone SE, 4) iPhone 6S, 5) Google Pixel. 6) iPhone 7 Plus , 7) Samsung Galaxy S7, 8) Samsung J7, 9) Nintendo Switch, 10)Note 7 .

5.Top “Global Sporting Events”(Global Search):-

1) Rio Olympics , 2) World Series, 3) Tour de France, 4) Wimbledon , 5) Australian Open . 6)T20 World Cup , 7)Copa América , 8) EK 2016, 9)Ryder Cup, 10) Royal Rumble .

6.Top “Losses ” (Global Search):-

1) Prince, 2) David Bowie , 3) Christina Grimmie, 4) Alan Rickman, 5) Muhammad Ali.. 5 More…

7.Top “Movies ” (Global Search):-

1) Deadpool, 2) Suicide Squad, 3) The Revenant, 4) Captain America Civil War . 5) Batman v Superman .. 5 More..

8.Top “Musicians ” (Global Search):-

1) Céline Dion, 2) Kesha, 3) Michael Bublé, 4) Creed 5) Dean Fujioka. 6) Kehlani, 7) Teyana Taylor , 8) Grace Vanderwaal, 9) Ozuna, 10) Lukas Graham.

9.Top “TV Shows ” (Global Search):-

1) Stranger Things , 2) West-world, 3) Luke Cage, 4) Game of Thrones, 5) Black Mirror. 6) Fuller House, 7) The Crown , 8) The Night Of , 9) 太陽 的 後裔 (Descendants of the Sun), 10) Soy Luna.

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See Below what was trending in 2016 Category wise(INDIA)-

1.Google Top “Searches ” (INDIA):-

1) Rio 2016 Olympic, 2) Pokémon GO, 3) EURO 2016, 4) Sultan, 5) Kabali, 6) iPhone 7, 7) Indian Premier League 2016, 8) Donald Trump, 9) Udta Punjaab , 10) P. V. Sindhuu.

2.Google Top “News ” (INDIA):-

1) Rio 2016 Olympics, 2) U.S. Elections, 3) Brexit, 4) 7th Pay Commission, 5) Auto Expo 2016. 6) Oscars 2016, 7) Surgical strike, 8) Demonetization, 9) Zika virus, 10) BRICS Summit.

3.Google Top “People ” (INDIA):-

1) Donald Trump, 2) P.V. Sindhu, 3) Sonam Gupta, 4) Dipa Karmakar, 5) Disha Patani. 6) Pooja Hegde, 7) Vijay Mallya , 8) Urvashi Rautela, 9) Sakshi Malik , 10) Arnab Goswami.

4.Top “Movies” (INDIA):-

1) Sultaan, 2) Kabali, 3) Udta Punjaab, 4) Airlift , 5) Ae Dil Hai Mushkiil , 6) Sanam Re , 7) Sairat, 8) Rustum, 9) Conjuring, 2 10) Housefull 3.

5.Top “Bollywood Actor (Female) ” (INDIA):-

1) Dishaa Patani, 2) Urvashii Rautela, 3) Puja Hegde, 4) Mandna Kariimi, 5) Urmilaa Matondkar 6) N. Kaur , 7) V Kapoor, 8) Noraa Fatehi , 9) Kiara Advaani 10) Saiyamii Kher.

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6.Top “Bollywood Actor (Male) ” (INDIA):-

1) Sushant Singh Rajput, 2) Kabiir Bedi, 3) Harshvardan Kapoor, 4) Pulkit Samarat, 5) Salman Khan, 6) Arshad Warsii, 7) Suraj Pancholi, 8) Anupam Kher, 9) Ranveer Sing, 10) Vicky Kaushal.

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Latest Android 7.0 Nougat: All Basics you need to know

The latest Android 7.0 Nougat: Everything and basics you need to know

Latest Android Smart Phone

As you know the latest version of android is launched and you need to know about this. So the latest version of Android(Nougat) is here, and it’s coming to a Nexus near to you.

Android 7.0 i.e Nougat is Google’s way of refining whatever we already have, and adding some essential and additional features to an operating system they were already happy with.

Since Android 5.0 we have seen how Google was shifting their design languages on the phones they sell themselves and the other apps and services that come on your mobile phone. Android itself has followed this latest trend, and with the Marshmallow we saw a flat but a bold design that tied up everything together.

This Android Nougat doesn’t make major changes to the way your smart phone looks or the way it “feels.” But what Google has done under the hood brings some new additional features — & much needed polish, to our favorite smart mobile phones OS(operating system).

Android+ Nougat faster & easier

When it’s time for your tablet or Mobile phone to get updated, you would not have to do nothing anything. While you are doing the things you normally do all hard work is done in the back ground,very similar to the upgrade experience on Chrome Operating System(OS). The only thing is that you need to do is restart your phone to finish after things up.

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Multitasking Multi-window

Sometimes when you are doing 2 things at one time it’s handy to be able to see them both, at the same time. That is what the Multi-window is: more than one “window” on your single phone’s screen.

We have seen a similar feature with the same name from the Samsung (& to a lesser extent LG) for a while, but the Google has built a different things in a way that any app(installed application) will just work, without any developer or you, doing any thing special. The screen will be automatically split 50/50 by default, & it’s quick to pull up the different apps on the top & bottom on a phone or left or right on the tablet(smart).

The devices with larger screens, there is also a free-form mode that let’s you change a window’s size automatically.

More better notifications

With the latest Android Nougat, you can reply to your notifications/message directly from their spot(top screen) in the tray. You would not have to open that particular app or install anything extra, or either. Once the folks who built your app(installed apps) support that feature, it’ll just work fine.

Don’t worry though. When you want to see more or do more extra, than just send a quick reply, you can still tap that notification to open the particular app and see all everything. And with better bundling of multiple times notifications(messages) from the same app, you will be able to tell when you want to see everything even more easier.

Your phone will be use less battery and faster

The Google’s, “Project Doze”, its codes name for ways to have your smart phones uses less battery while it is not in your hand with a screen on mode — and that was introduced with a Marshmallow has gotten the major update in Android Nougat.
The Better ways to manage the memory and when & how applications will run in the background (“Project Svelte”) means that you would not have, as much unnecessary stuffs happening, when you were not expecting that it to happen. By only allowing that things that you really need to be run, automatically your phone will perform use less battery and better.

Using less mobile(internet) data

Over-age(old) charges from your mobile phone company suck. With latest Android Nougat new tools(techniques) can help you to keep them from happening.

When you are on a metered connection means one that is not unlimited(limited), WiFi or cellular — the new Data(internet) Saver setting will block the background random data usages & restrict other things like checking for X emails or tweets,so that your mobile phone uses less data(internet).

You can tell Data Saver tool to ignore certain or limited applications, and while it is active you will have an icon in your notification bar(from top) to let you know whats going on or what’s up.

Maximum human emoji feature

In addition, to 72 new glyph, Android 7.0 i.e Nougat has over 1,500 emoji(Emotions), many of which have been revamped(reordering or revising something) to look a little bit more…. humans. Traditionally, the Android emoji have been cartoon types or something like animations, which has encourages other brand manufacturers like LG & Samsung to write their own emoji.

Improved/Have high security

Keeping your data(FILES)private & personal information is important. New features in the latest Android Nougat make the things even more high secure.

When you on your smart phone, some application are able to partially work before you sign-in with your PIN or password . Things like the normal phone applications or your text messages app can still come in, your alarm clock will still work & any accessibility features wants for better interact with your phone will still run. Other application & their all data will remain encrypted and/or unavailable.

Once you sign in to your account, everything(application and mobile) will work normally.

This feature helps to keep your data high safe if your phone gets stolen or lost ,& synergies with the remote features of Android Device Manager(ADM).

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Latest Android

Want the Latest Android 7.0 Nougat on your Nexus right now?

Then You do not have to wait for the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, to roll out over the air to get this on your Nexus smart phone. If you are enterprising, you can download the factory image & install it in your mobile phone over your current Marshmallow install(upgrade it).


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Six Easiest Way To Safe & Secure Yours Banking Apps

Protect Your Important Apps

Demonetization of 500 Rs. & 1000 Rs notes has resulted in huge adoption of digital and online payments solutions, including mobile wallets, mobile banking and electronic banking. This means that lots of people are now these days using their mobile phones/devices to transact electronically(online) for the first time, and it’s not just an occasional(or done infrequently &irregularly use but the primary means of accessing(using) their finances.

But once when you download an app(application), how will you make sure that it is secure? Mainly Most of the banking apps are pre-secured, and do use strong & high techniques(especially to prevent unauthorized access), you think maximum times & well to make sure that you do not fall prey to anonymous and compromise with your financial(banking) apps. So, below here are Six things you can do to protect your mobile banking and wallet apps.


1) Keep a lock screen code in your phone

The first security measure – that you should take of all data that is on your phone not just your financial apps- is to set a lock screen(home screen) code or pattern on your phone. The benefit of this app or technique is, even if your smartphone is stolen , the thief(person who steals another person’s property) will face some difficulty in stealing or taking your data, including that of wallet apps & mobile banking. Even affordable smartphones(Android, ios, windows) now come with fingerprint,voice sensors(for high security), so adding this layer of security is also should be convenient and easy. On others phones those are without fingerprint or voice sensors, make sure you set up pattern or passcodes locks to protect your device as well as you all data; if you use a passcode(Numeric or Alphabetic), make sure that you haven’t shared with anyone or used it some where else.

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