About Us

Hello Readers, I am Saurabh Pandey, I am 20 Yrs old .I am currently pursuing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)and also a Passionate blogger from 10th class i.e From2013. From childhood i am very much interested in computer’s,gadgets and doing work related with IT field or computers.

History & Interest:-
this is my first blog or site on wordpress, from earlier age i was interested blogging. I started my blogging  in 2013. When i was kid always interested in doing tech work or something like Scientific related to computer, gadgets, mobile, laptop, cars, bikes means all trending tech things. When i grew Up i searched how to create website/blog, i read so many of article on different-different websites then i signed-up with blogger and started writing articles on tech things.

Mind towards Earning:-
Day by day i am growing i thought peoples are doing job online, so think ” How they are doing all things Online”?? .. Then I again Searched on google “How to earn online”, “how to make money online??” Something like that…. So i got the idea about Adsence and many more advertising companies… at that time i was not eligible for signed up for adsence as they require 18 years old.

Applied For Adsence:-
When i reached to 18, i applied for Adsence account, at that time i was very happy because withing 3 days i got mail from Google that You Account is successfully verified and approved.. So i started little bit earning.. means from that money i was satisfied, because i know how much i was working and earning so its satisfactory earning for me.

My Life Change:-

With moving time i was improving myself. My mind became more powerful and knowledge full  about blogging and writing articles. I try to write my articles in simple language without leaving any important information about the topic. Before writing any article i do all the homework for it.  i collect all relevant information from all websites, blog, newspaper, magazine etc .. My skill get sharped in tech and gadget world.

When i thought that i can handle my finance in online world so i started to invest money on domain, hosting, Email etc, the results are in front of my eyes.Getting outstanding results.

Right Now, as i told you above that i am a IT Student & pursuing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application). And Currently working on www.gadgetnewspoint.com also. This is all about me.. Now Let me tell you about my  Gadget New Point.

What Is & What will You find here in GadgetNewsPoint?
Actually this is a website which will tell you about all gadget, tech, reviews, cars, bikes, computers, accessories, and latest trending news. I believe in Visitor satisfaction and will share every updates with you here on this site