Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Features and Specification : Top 10

Before Starting with Redmi Note 4 Features lets know something extra about Xiamoi. Xiaomi has given the confirmation that he would be launching in India on January 19 Note 4. Mi Manu Kumar Jain, head of India’s announcements on Twitter, has launched. Price and availability of the phone itself will be told about the launch event. The phone… Read More »

WhatsApp New Record: 14 Billion Messages Sent On New Year’ Eve in India

Introduction:- WhatsApp Messenger is a instant messaging cross-platform that allows BlackBerry, Android, iPhones, Windows Phone And Nokia Phones users to exchange messages in the form of Video, Images, Text, audio and now trending GIF images without any cost.It provides group chat with 260 members in a single group and location sharing options. More than 1 billion people from… Read More »

Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2017

Introduction, Specification And Features Of  Top Upcoming Smartphone in 2017: BEST UPCOMING SMARTPHONES IN 2017, in this generation while Smartphones are the mostly using electronic gadget. These days the upcoming smartphones and android, ios phones 2017 – 2018 praising more and additional influential, as periods and generation passes the value of smartphones gadgets are improving a lot in… Read More »

Top Most Trending searched in Google 2016 Results

History: Google was founded & first introduce by “Sergey Brin” & “Larry Page” while they were Ph.D. students at “Stanford University”. Together they have their own about 14% of its shares but control 56% of the stockholders voting power through supervoting stock. On “04 September 1998” they incorporated the Google as a privately held company . Present: CEO(Chief… Read More »